Think about how good it is not to rush anywhere, but to be able to compare the sizes, colors, characteristics and value of future purchases. Surely in your thoughts you have more than once plunged into these sweet moments of choosing the first clothes for future crumbs. And now this treasured moment is already near. Very soon the long-awaited meeting will come. Waiting for a holiday is sometimes really sweeter than the holiday itself and it is in your power to make everything go just that way.

What is important to know before the baby is born

It doesn’t really matter when you decide to buy the first things - before the birth of the baby or after birth. You still need to be aware of all the important details and nuances and do it better in advance so that your head does not go round from the abundance of information. Take a closer look at the lists and recommendations from this article, and even better, save the text in bookmarks, and it will certainly serve you well before the first purchases.
In this article you will find a detailed list of things that are vital for mom and newborn in the first few weeks after birth. The list below does not claim to be the “only right,” and unique in its kind. But most of the items will be more useful than staying idle. For an average family, the selection seems optimal, although depending on the budget it may be slightly reduced or, on the contrary, expanded. Items marked with an asterisk (*) can be considered optional, since their purchase requires additional funds and is not considered vital for the child or his mother.

List of things a newborn needs in the first days of life:

    Cradle, crib or playpen.
    Mobile is the child’s first musical toy.
    Tent on the crib.
    A changing board or table.
    Stroller with rain cover and mosquito net.
    Kangaroo backpack or sling. *
    "Baby Monitor". *
    Car Seat *
    Cotton and warm blanket.
    Four duvet covers.
    Six sheets.
    Six bike diapers.
    Cotton diapers 12 pcs.
    Pampers - two packs are better.
    Three oilcloths for the crib.
    Two terry towels.
    Digital Thermometer.
    Baby scissors (rounded edges).
    Two thin overalls.
    Jumpsuit for the street.
    Baby's undershirts and blouses - at least 8-10 pcs.
    Two body.
    Eight sliders.
    Warm sweater.
    Warm socks.
    Thin socks three pairs.
    Two thin bonnets or caps.
    Warm hat on the street.
    Envelope and blanket in a stroller.
    Rattles and some toys.
    Hygiene products.
    Bath foam. *
    A succession and a camomile.
    Several types of baby cream.
    Baby balm and soap.
    Two packs of wet wipes.
    Gauze or cotton swabs.
    Bepanten, Drapolen or another rash cream.
List for feeding (not necessary for mothers who are breastfeeding):
    Three bottles with nipples.
    Thermos bag and bottle sterilizer *
    Food Bottle Warmer *
    Three bibs
    Spoon Brush - helps to quickly and thoroughly wash a bottle.
List of things that will be useful to the mother of the newborn:
    Two nursing bras.
    Disposable panty liners.
    Bepanten - a cream for healing cracks in the nipples.
    It does not need to be washed off before feeding.
    Postpartum Bandage. *
    Breast pump. *
    A remedy for removing stretch marks if necessary.
    Sea buckthorn oil.
    Night sanitary pads.
    Baby soap and washing powder.
    Cap with lid for disposable diapers. *
    Night lamp and scales. *
    Discs with classical or children's music. *
    Two pipettes.
    Albucid 20%.
    Iodine and Zelenka.
    A syringe or two tubes for the removal of gases.
    Activated carbon.
    Hydrogen peroxide.
    Potassium permanganate.
    Glycerin suppositories with a laxative effect.
How to prepare for bathing and other hygiene procedures?
Before the first bath, it is advisable to stock up with baby soap and foam, since it is not known exactly what is more suitable and pleasant for the baby. It is desirable that the hygiene products were from different manufacturers. Saving on shampoos and soap for a child is very undesirable.
Many pediatricians advise periodically bathing a child in decoctions of herbs. Chamomile and succession are ideal for this purpose. It is better not to use other types of herbs without additional consultation with a doctor. In some cases, bathing in a celandine is useful for children's skin, but healthy children are advised to take such baths no more than once every seven days.
At the initial stage, it makes sense to purchase two baby creams: “under the diaper,” as a rule, it contains talcum powder and to moisturize the skin. Stock up on several packages of different manufacturers in order to calmly choose the right product, and not run to the pharmacy every five minutes. Some mothers also use oil or a special balm to care for their baby's skin, but this item cannot be called mandatory. When choosing baby powder, avoid over-flavored products.
A few words about wet wipes and other devices.
In the near future, wet wipes will literally be a continuation of your hands. It’s far from always convenient to go to the bath, and with a napkin it’s easy to tidy up the baby’s ass in two to three minutes. Napkins are also indispensable during walks, in the clinic and in other similar places. Moreover, they help out not only the child, but also the mother, who does not always have the opportunity to thoroughly wash her hands with soap.
Gauze and cotton swabs are considered a good alternative to wet wipes. Before using, they are also recommended to be moistened with special baby milk, oil or lotion. At cost, the amount is approximately the same. After taking water procedures, children willingly allow themselves to be wrapped in a warm terry towel or a comfortable robe with a hood. The main thing is to wrap the baby up entirely, otherwise he will not be comfortable.
When buying a thermometer for measuring water temperature, pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to the features of the scale. Working with it should not cause additional difficulties. No less important is the issue of security. Use should only be specially made for baby bath thermometers. It is better to comb the baby not with a standard comb, but with a brush with natural bristles. Nail scissors fit only with rounded edges.
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What does the baby need in the first month of life